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Staying agile in an ever changing society

Over the past year or so there has been a shift and change in the cases we have been involved in and an increase in the number of claimants  with no associations shown to residency records, in multiple and rented occupancy or linked to multiple address moves over a short electoral period.

Monthly Update - July

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has entered the second phase of the large scale crash for cash scam.

Adapt or die says EWIS covert specialist

Fraudsters are responding to success stories in the media about companies catching them in the act by changing tactics and learning how to hide their footprints.

AI pattern recognition – the future of fraud checks?

The insurance industry has collected an uncountable volume of data over recent years. Today, the talk amongst insuretech visionaries is: How do we analyse this data to help us intelligently make decisions that support our strategic objectives?

Line of Duty: Treat your video statement evidence like Hastings and Arnott would…

Millions of TV viewers will be familiar with the exploits of the brave detectives in the BBC’s hit show Line of Duty.

June News Round-up

This month HM The Queen announces new measures against crash-for-cash claims, plus some serious jail time for those convicted of faking car hire invoices, property swindles and a fishy tale of VAT avoidance.

May News Round up

A four year investigation came to an end recently, as a `sell and rent back’ homes fraud ended with convictions for Edwin and Lorraine McLaren of Renfrewshire, Scotland.

April News Roundup

An investigation by IFB (Insurance Fraud Bureau) and Derbyshire Police resulted in the conviction of three men who ran a fake claims management scam. The companies involved, Derby Enterprise and TTM Recovery, submitted fake vehicle storage invoices, plus fake personal injury claims.

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