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Introducing go!, an instant claims investigation service

go! is a tablet based application which allows insurers to capture evidence, investigate and obtain statements on day one of the case.  

Insight's nationwide network of field inspectors are all equipped with the ground-breaking technology and can visit a location or individual, obtain the required evidence and instantly return signed documents.  Allowing the insurer to quickly determine liability and proceed with the claim.  

The revolutionary new service provides evidence in a matter of hours rather than days, delivering substantial cost and time saving benefits.  go! can be used on a variety of services including locus reports, trace enquiries, non-reported claims, statements and can be used in conjunction with Insight's traditional investigation services.  The technology can be adapted to each Insurer customer's bespoke requirements. 

  • Instant return of statements and investigations
  • Reduces settlement times and operational costs
  • A fast, accurate service for liability decisions and claims investigations
  • Book same day inspector visits through Insight's online portal 

How does it work? 

Insight's go! demonstration is available for viewing here, and guides you through the whole process.  

For further information please contact Ann Lomax on 0845 160 1660 or email