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November News Round-up

The insurance sector is pledging a relentless campaign to stamp out motor insurance scams, but new threats are emerging. We take a look at the issues hitting the headlines.

Manchester Claims Association: Surveillance Update

On Thursday 21st May 2015 Mike Hodge was invited by the Manchester Claims Association (MCA) to present a lunchtime lecture at the Freemasons Hall.The MCA is a membership organisation open to claims professionals within insurance companies, loss adjusters, lawyers and other claims handling operations and support services based in and around Greater Manchester.  Founded about 30 years ago…

New Investigation Services Group

ExamWorks UK’s trio of anti-fraud and investigations brands have announced they are to merge under a single name ExamWorks Investigation Services.

Top insurers fight back after £1m fraud attempt

As crash for cash scams continue to blight the insurance industry, reports have surfaced embroiling a number of major insurers in a £1million fraud.

6% of drivers would commit insurance fraud

With fraudulent and exaggerated claims continuing to represent a major problem for insurers, potentially impacting premiums for all drivers, tales of false claims and crash for cash scams are common.

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