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Top insurers fight back after £1m fraud attempt

As crash for cash scams continue to blight the insurance industry, reports have surfaced embroiling a number of major insurers in a £1million fraud.

Some of the country's leading insurers have fallen victim to a scam which saw an unprecedented number of whiplash claims filed simultaneously.

Unprecedented whiplash claims
Discussed extensively within both trade press and local media earlier this month, a staggering 218 individuals were involved in the fraud, which saw buses packed with friends and relatives rammed in order to make false whiplash claims.

These incidents highlight the ongoing battle that insurers face in the plight against fraudsters, and crash for cash scammers. Countless attempts have been made by law enforcement and the insurance industry to deter individuals from Crash for Cash scams, but this has yet to stop criminals from trying.

Hotbed of Activity
Although a problem which is impacting the nation, the North West of the country has been hit hardest, with many of the largest claims involving incidents between busses and cars in the region. It is apparent however that both the police and the insurers are making impressive strides to catch and convict these elaborate planned crimes, with individuals in this and previous similar fraud attempts identified and persecuted.