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June - UK Fraud Roundup

In the Headlines…

  • £500K Success for In-Car `Black Box’ Data Gathering Tech
  • EU Proposes More Regulation on `White Van Man’
  • Express Solicitors Says Defendants Often Using `Fundamental Dishonesty’ Tactic, To Recoup Legal Costs
  • SRA Warns Law Firms on Subscription Refund Sca
  • Speakers from DWP, Cabinet Office and National Crime Agency to Attend Anti- Fraud Summit 2016 Event


Insure The Box Uncovers 31 Cases of Attempted Fraud

The FT reports the success by telematics specialist insurer, Insure The Box, who have used data gathered by in-car `black box’ technology to disprove various claims, and in some cases uncover attempts to stage accidents.

In one example, the claimant said there had been an accident at a road junction in Kent, involving two strangers. But the black box showed one of the cars involved had been parked for 20 minutes earlier in the day, outside the address of a company owned by the other person involved.

 “There were many other causes for concern in these particular cases and an in-depth investigation gathered evidence against the claimants,” said Adrian Steele, claims director at Insure The Box, quoted in the FT.

The value of the claims which were dropped as a result of analysing the data from telematics was estimated at about £500.000, the report noted.

Fraud detection and prevention is a growing priority for the UK insurance industry. A report from a government-backed task force this year put the value of detected fraud at more than £1bn a year.

EU Commissioners Call For Stricter Controls on Light Van Operators

The EU has proposed tighter regulation for van owners, using light goods vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, with a consultation exercise planned to end in September 2016. The idea is that freelance van owners, and small companies, who typically specialise in online delivery, will have to meet HGV Operator levels of compliance.

If the proposed changes go ahead, the typical `white van man’ may have to comply with a 9 hour driving day, plus a 56 hour weekly limit, as HGV drivers do now. The rise of telematics, to monitor driver and operator compliance with the new rules, plus expose cases of non-compliance in the case of accident claims, also seems likely.


Express Solicitors Say Defendants Are Using `Fundamental Dishonesty’ Ploy More Frequently

In a recent case, Meadows vs La Tasca, the claimant lost her claim for injury compensation, after an alleged fall caused by a greasy floor. Then La Tasca’s representatives in court argued that the claimant was `fundamentally dishonest,’ in order to claim back legal costs of some £7,210.

“Our client’s integrity was attacked and she was branded as a liar. I am pleased we successfully challenged this finding of Fundamental Dishonesty,” said James Maxey, managing partner of Express Solicitors.

Express Solicitors appealed, and won, leaving La Tasca with a bill of over £7,000 in this case.


Solicitors Regulation Authority Warns on Subs Refund Scam

The SRA has issued a warning to law firms to watch out for fraudulent emails, and phone calls, offering a refund on professional services obtained by practices, or partnerships. Friday afternoons seem to be the favourite time to approach companies, says the SRA.


Diary Date: Fraud Prevention Summit 2016

A one day event, aimed at public sector and fraud industry professionals looking for networking opportunities, is scheduled for September 28th 2016. The Fraud Prevention Summit will take place at Adelphi House, University of Salford, with a delegate cost of £50 plus VAT.

There are speakers from the Cabinet Office, the Serious Fraud Office, the DWP and the National Crime Agency. More details at;