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April News Roundup


This month both IFED and the Insurance Fraud Bureau pursue serial motor insurance fraudsters, and get good results. Plus the strange case of the deceased mother, who then returned from Canada very much alive and well.

IFB Investigation Results in Jail Terms For Fake Claims Company Bosses

An investigation by IFB (Insurance Fraud Bureau) and Derbyshire Police resulted in the conviction of three men who ran a fake claims management scam. The companies involved, Derby Enterprise and TTM Recovery, submitted fake vehicle storage invoices, plus fake personal injury claims.

The three directors were given five years jail each, and others involved received lesser sentences, reports Post Online -

£426,000 Fraud Ends in Guilty Verdicts

A group of solicitors, trainee solicitors, paralegals and others were all convicted of various insurance fraud, following an investigation by IFED (Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department).

The six men, all based in the Preston area, had been faking claims, plus car hire. They were convicted after paper evidence was found hidden in desks at Farleys Solicitors in Preston, plus Whatsapp messages were found on the defendents mobile phones. All fraudsters should note that when you delete a message from your mobile, guess what? It can be recovered!

Sentences ranging from four years to 15 months were handed down at Liverpool Crown Court, reports Law Gazette.

Fraudster Was Also a People Trafficker

Rameo Mohammed was convicted of involvement in over 300 `cash-for-crash’ staged accidents, according to reports via Insurance Business magazine.

Mohammed was investigated by the IFB, with suspicious claims originating in the Medway area of Kent, starting in 2011. He was also convicted of people trafficking, having used the identities of those he helped into the UK in some of his staged accidents. He was sentenced to two years for fraud, and eight years for Human Trafficking.

Mother and Son Charged With Fraudulent Life Insurance Claim

A mother and son have been charged with fraud, after a fake life insurance claim was made for the alleged death of the mother, Arafa Nassib. Nassib was arrested in late 2016 when she returned from Canada, although a claim had been made that she had died on holiday in Zanzibar.

The trial is scheduled for May 2017, reports FT Adviser.

Ghost Broker Escapes With Suspended Sentence

A ghost broker issuing fake insurance cover was convicted after offences came to light back in 2014. Daniel Barbu from London had issued 18 worthless motor policies, which were flagged up by LV.  An investigation by IFED led to a conviction recently, with Barbu receiving 16 weeks suspended sentence, plus 120 hours of community work.  Not bad, considering he made an estimated profit of £59,000 from his ghost broker activities.