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Line of Duty: Treat your video statement evidence like Hastings and Arnott would…

Millions of TV viewers will be familiar with the exploits of the brave detectives in the BBC’s hit show Line of Duty.

Holding a mirror up to investigators, they ensure standards are maintained and evidence tampering never gets through.

In the real world, insurers face an increasingly complex battle against fraudsters, in which the chain of evidence has to be as tight as the ones on AC12.

With this potential risk in mind, EWIS has developed a new method of tamper-proofing its video statement evidence, ensuring it can stand up to the highest possible scrutiny.

“While the courts have yet to challenge any video statement evidence submitted by EWIS, we are keen to ensure this can never happen on our watch,” says Peter Sleigh, Managing Director at EWIS.

 “We understand that editing could be used in order to show an individual or a piece of statement evidence in the worst possible light. This is why we’ve developed a solution that guarantees our recordings have metadata embedded so there can be no question about its validity.”

Peter adds that the meta-tagging project is part of EWIS’ ongoing efforts to ‘stress test’ its solution portfolio.

“It’s really important that investigators rigorously test their methods; particularly if there is a foreseeable risk. We deploy a range of techniques which are similarly utilised in the public sector so it stands to reason we should be subject to a similar spotlight.”

For more information on EWIS’ video statement evidence solutions, and other investigation services, please contact us.