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March Fraud Round-up


Supercar Crash Highlights Fraud In Hire Car Sector

A strange case of ‘supercar fraud’ has concluded with two men convicted of various offences including no insurance, no valid licence and perverting the course of justice.

A Lamborghini Gallardo was crashed into a Mayfair shop window last year, causing extensive damage to several shops and street furniture. The two men involved are the latest in a line of fraudsters who seem able to hire £100,000 supercars without basic credit reference, insurance or licence checks being carried out correctly. The question is, why?

`Crash for Cash’ Scammers Sentenced to 36 Years Jail

A high profile `crash for cash’ trial came to an end recently, with four defendants found guilty – not by a jury, but by the judge. After attempts were made to bribe members of the jury and reports of unknown persons following and filming jurors as they made their way home, Mr Justice Goss discharged the jury in February.

The case had a tragic element after an elderly lady, Betty Laird aged 88, lost her life as a staged accident went tragically wrong in Leeds, back in 2014. National news outlets reported that a VW Passat with the four defendants crashed into the side of a Renault, causing injuries to Mrs Laird, who was a passenger in the car. She later died.

Two of the four defendants received sentences of 15 and 12 years respectively, for manslaughter.

Luton Fraudsters Jailed After Victim Gathers Evidence

The importance of staying calm and gathering evidence at the scene of an accident is highlighted in the case of three Luton men, who staged an accident, but were caught out. Reports in local media from Luton revealed how the victim took mobile phone footage of the lead car driver, as he returned to the scene to watch his co-conspirators pretending to have bad backs and sore necks.

All three were convicted and given various short prison sentences.

Post Online Reports Concerns Over Whiplash Claims Reform

Post Magazine has reported on concerns from a Scottish law firm, who predict an upsurge in whiplash claims. New court procedures for compensation claims come into force north of the border, in 2018.

Smaller claims, under £100,000 in value, will be dealt with by the Sheriff Court, but crucially, cash awards for compensation may be determined by a jury in the Sheriff Court – this is a new feature. In addition, small claims under £5000 will be dealt with under a new, simplified procedure, aimed at saving court costs, with more `virtual’ hearings via video link.

Solicitor Convicted Over Car Hire and Injury Claim Fraud

A three year investigation ended with jail sentences for a solicitor, a trainee and a paralegal as six men in total were convicted of various fraud offences, reports the Lancashire Evening Post, Those involved had faked medical reports and altered car hire costs, in a complex carousel of fraudulent documentation relating to road accidents.

The City of London Police’s IFED, a specialist fraud unit, conducted the investigation.