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Staying agile in an ever changing society

Over the past year or so there has been a shift and change in the cases we have been involved in and an increase in the number of claimants  with no associations shown to residency records, in multiple and rented occupancy or linked to multiple address moves over a short electoral period.

With this increase, there has been a tendency to see claimants using multiple, reversed, partial and variant names, pseudonyms and 01/01 dates of birth.

The ever changing environment we now live in and the world of data people are using to hide in, means it is necessary to adapt and increase our lines of enquiry to confirm the claimant identity and the validity of claims.

Traditional investigation techniques are no longer enough. We now not only include searches across various social media platforms and online news articles, but we also undertake research across international borders to gain better intelligence surrounding the cases we are working on.

It is also important that in this changing world that we also ensure the Health and Safety of our field staff at the forefront of any investigation. With a general increase in crime, we must always be aware of the dangers that they may face from claimants such as verbal abuse or physical assault. As part of our front-end research, we look for this information to advise our field staff accordingly.

A recent investigation we undertook uncovered information regarding the claimant being known to carry offensive weapons such as axes. The claimant was subsequently jailed for threatening people with knives, showing the importance of our front-end investigation.

As a matter of course, fraudsters will adapt and move to what they deem to be easier scams such as travel, pet and household claims.

At ExamWorks Investigation Services our techniques stay responsive. Our search methods and procedures change continuously as fraudsters become aware of our success. It is imperative to stay one step ahead without alerting them to our methods, mitigating their ability to take steps to counter these.