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Putting our people FIRST in a pandemic

We won’t say we are going through ‘unprecedented times’ as let’s be honest, it’s the most over-used phrase of 2020. But without a doubt, the last few months have brought about a lot of challenges for us, both as a business and also for each of us personally.

No one started the year expecting 2020 to unfold the way it has, and as a business, we’ve needed to react quickly and adapt to the situation, to protect our business, our customers and importantly, our staff.

We recently engaged with The Survey Initiative, an independent company who focus on employee surveys and asked our staff to take part in a Coronavirus Wellbeing Survey. The reason we teamed up with a 3rd party supplier was to ensure the results were fair and impartial.

The aim of the survey was to find out how each of our employees were feeling and to understand their views on how well they have been supported through the current situation and how well we as a business, have communicated with them all.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a snapshot off the results:





Over the last few months, any plans and decisions made have been with the best interests of our people in mind, so we’re delighted to see such positive results across the board.

Even the lowest scoring areas received impressively high scores (76%+). That said, it’s important we reflect on these to understand how we can further improve and continue to support you all during this time. 

Hard work really does pay off and despite being miles apart, we are still one team and are living by our values.