Household and Pet

ExamWorks offer a bespoke service based on clients requirements across Household Contents, Buildings and Pet Insurance.

As market leader in the application of cognitive interviewing methodology, EWIS can combine desktop risk assessment and/or investigation and where deemed appropriate, can dovetail with field enquiries. The product delivers fast, comprehensive evidence and can lead to the point of final decision, whether this be validation or repudiation.

The process and methodology is able to validate honesty whilst simultaneously identifying risk and deception. Through this established method we are able to determine the relevant facts accurately and provide recommendations, or manage the case through to the point of final decision.

EWIS can manage your requirements through ad hoc investigation instructions, risk assessment, delegated authority, or a partnership model where EWIS experts train your in-house teams to assess risk and then refer high risk cases for EWIS to investigate further.

Our experience of investigating these incidents in a thorough, well tested and trusted manner enables you to establish a timely and accurate decision in respect of repudiation, or pay with confidence. In addition, the service is very much geared to respecting and keeping the policyholder’s onside, understanding potential disruption to their personal life and therefore building an emotional relationship. This enables strong honesty and deception assessment, whilst simultaneously avoiding complaints.

The benefits of using ExamWorks for your Household and Pet Claims Investigation include:

  • Decisive outcomes, enabling your claims staff to conclude the case.
  • Provision of a professional, empathetic and personnel service to your Policyholder
  • Proactive claims investigation and handling
  • Option of less intrusive telephone interviewing
  • Balanced scorecard assessment against all core components of the claim.
  • Detailed MI capturing service and outcomes, further split into potential fraud, fraud and indemnity savings.