MOJ Liability

An early liability decision is vital for MOJ enquiries that have tight deadlines. ExamWorks Investigation Services provides a cost effective solution ensuring the right information is gathered in the right time. 

We help insurers meet their obligations under MOJ and CPR with: 

  • Validation interviews with the policyholder surrounding circumstances of the loss
  • Assessment of behaviour, indemnity and policy risk
  • Intelligence alerts, following relevant matches
  • Report supplied, with written circumstances, indemnity and/or policy issues raised and recommendations clarified
  • Liability decisions determined within five days of receiving the instruction
  • All case handlers are trained in cognitive interview techniques and have extensive experience of the claims sector
  • Value-based solutions to prevent escalating claims costs and leakage 

Our experienced MOJ team utilises cognitive interview techniques  to assess the situation and determine any liability, indemnity and fraud issues. Interviewees will also take a view of the third party’s injuries from the policyholder in order to provide an initial assessment of damages.