Motor Theft and Fire

Our motor theft service applies to claims for stolen vehicles un-recovered or motor theft recovered with loss or damage. We can investigate any type of vehicle or equipment loss through desktop or field-based techniques which quickly establish the facts and allow insurers to reserve a claim accurately. 

Desktop techniques

ExamWorks Investigation Services desktop screening services include cognitive interviewing which delivers fast evidence and determines areas for further investigation. The methodology is able to validate honesty whilst simultaneously risk and deception. Through this established methodwe are able to establish the relevant facts accurately and provide recommendations for further investigations. 

We can also conduct an extensive forensic key examination.  Combining physical examination of keys, technical research and diagnostic examination, analysts are able to confidently assess risk and provide invaluable evidence in the event of false keys being submitted in support of individual motor theft claims. 

Field techniques 

ExamWorks Investigation Services' experienced team of employed inspectors provide clear and detailed evidence by gathering statements and interviews from policyholders, drivers and witnesses. A fully CPR compliant statement is produced, detailing the loss circumstances, indemnity and a full chronological account of the stolen item’s purchase and use.  

We deliver: 

  • Detailed CPR compliant reports
  • Reduced costs and claims process efficiency 
  • Advice on further avenues for investigation