Fraud Investigations

ExamWorks Investigation Services’ field resource is supported by highly skilled insurance and intelligence professionals with access to a market-leading suite of data sets and desktop tools.

This enables both a reactive and proactive approach to fraud identification and investigation, and generates significant data when reviewing investigation outcomes. Whether the investigation be in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, Europe or even globally, our team are on hand to help.

As part of our approach, we are sensitive to customers’ requirements and are flexible in providing in various formats of evidence collection whether through the art of statement taking; audio recording of interviews, surveillance, desktop research or an amalgamation of tools including forensic vehicle and key examination as well as cognitive and investigative interviews over the telephone.

ExamWorks Investigation Services engages with the task at hand; we investigate and we deliver results. Our experienced staff will diligently follow all lines of enquiry that arise, so that we can bring investigations to a conclusion, supported by all available evidence.

Outputs typically include: 

  • A fully managed and accountable investigation service
  • Use of skilled professionals
  • Bespoke partnership approach
  • Subject research and profiling along with skilled intelligence analysis
  • Provision of court compliant statements and interview processes
  • Use of a suite of investigation products including covert tactics, forensic vehicle and key examination
  • Bespoke investigation report