Credit Hire

The insurance industry spends a considerable amount of its claims costs on credit hire, exacerbated by an ever-expanding market of operators and fraud. This has led to a significant market awareness of the problem.

We provide a comprehensive range of validation services, ranging from a simple validation of the hire company, validation visits to the subject address for the purpose of identifying the subject vehicle, through to a statement from the hirer focused on ensuring its legitimacy.

  • Database searches – comprehensive checks against an in-house intelligence database and wider industry databases such as CUE, Companies House etc.
  • Credit hire investigation – a full investigation with a detailed report documenting findings of the analysis and areas of misrepresentation.
  • Credit hire repudiation – provides the insurer with robust evidence to defend the claim, through the use of individual witness statements, cross-examination of any documents and research on databases.

Our tailored service delivers real results and ensures fraud is combated quickly.