Employers and Public Liability

A team of qualified claims inspectors investigating Employers and Public Liability claims as a cost effective alternative to loss adjusters.

We have detailed knowledge of statutes and are able to assist quickly insurers in accurate liability decisions and assessing quantum. This same expertise is used to investigate both household and travel claims.

The basis of our EL/PL investigations service is as follows:

  • Initial investigation: to ensure claim costs do not escalate, we can provide an initial investigation service which quickly gathers vital evidence and assesses if there are any grounds to dispute liability.  We review all the relevant documentation related to the incident.
  • Statements from witnesses: detailed statements are taken with relevant witnesses either face-to-face or over the telephone. We will handle the time consuming task of contacting witnesses to establish a clear understanding of the incident from all of the relevant sources.
  • Site inspections: our team of inspectors will visit the place of work or incident report and take photographs and measurements of the premises, together with any machinery and equipment. A full chronology of the incident will be provided to ensure you are presented with a clear picture of the event. Inspectors can replicate the incident to understand exactly how it has happened, providing a detailed statement.
  • Court attendance: if requested, our inspectors can attend court to give evidence and report on their findings.

Through cognitive interviewing, field investigations or surveillance, our insurer customers are able to more accurately assess and manage their risk and exposure to best effect.