Video Investigations

Our investigation based app, EWIS Live, turns video and photos captured on a smart device into reliable evidence for use in building a wider picture of a case as well, as for use as evidence in court. 

How does it work?

Video interview instructions can be sent via the existing EWIS Client Portal.  Interview subjects will then receive an appointment confirmation by email, which will ask them to download the app onto their iOS or Android device using the link and bespoke password provided.

The app uses a unique patent-protected technology that adds a tamper evident ‘wrapper’ on the video evidence.  This locks in vital contextual data such as GPS location and SIM card information to each frame, like a watermark, making it impossible for anyone to alter footage or metadata without leaving a trace.

Key parts of the interview will be ‘bookmarked’ by the ExamWorks interviewer to draw attention to crucial evidence. Footage is then compressed and uploaded instantly to the secure cloud-based EWIS Client Portal. 

Benefits of EWIS Live

  • Interviewer - All interviews are undertaken by a professional investigator using proven cognitive interviewing techniques.
  • Device compatibility - EWIS Live requires nothing more than an iOS or Android device with a camera function, meaning mobiles, tablets, smart watches etc. can be used to capture audio and video data through the app. 
  • Tamper evident - Footage obtained via EWIS Live is completely tamper evident, meaning evidence will not be compromised.
  • Enhanced security - All data is contained within a managed environment, circumventing any security, data protection and compliance issues.
  • Transcription and Statement facility - ExamWorks can also provide accompanying transcripts and statements of specific parts or the complete interview.
  • Cost & time effective - Video interviews are less expensive than face-to-face alternatives meaning costs are significantly reduced. They can also be arranged much quicker, helping clients avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • Remote-enabled – no matter where in the world your subject or policyholder is, EWIS Live can help you get the interview you need, when you need it.