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Surveillance when deployed proportionately and ethically can add significant value to any investigation, offering a vital tool in combating a diverse range of fraudulent activities.

ExamWorks Investigation Services has a wealth of experience in surveillance with a senior management team that have been providing surveillance services to the private sector for over 20 years through predecessor companies. All surveillance is undertaken having regard for Article 8 of the Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act where applicable. The whole process is subject to quality review at every stage and is supported by a robust internal audit and performance assessment system.

We are able to provide mobile, static and unmanned surveillance solutions 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We operate throughout the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands, Europe and beyond, leveraging our global connections through our parent company, ExamWorks UK.

ExamWorks Investigation Services takes its responsibility to advise customers on the legal challenges confronting them when considering surveillance during an investigation. Our Surveillance Operations Team will review each case to ensure that enquiries are focused, proportionate and necessary, observing the very highest ethical standards and relevant aspects of the law. 


Each instruction will undergo pre-investigation profiling to ensure that surveillance is focused and proportionate,

The profiling and research team constantly monitors any previously identified social media activity. This surveillance active profiling process enables our operatives to respond immediately to live intelligence which may impact on our enquiry, such as the appearance of the subject at an alternate location. This validation process reviews images, locations, events attended and any comments that may have been made to friends or associates.  

The team also examines intelligence against our industry leading intelligence databases, using a combination of internal and external sources to identify any previous fraudulent activities, credit history and assets.